Special Products

The range of special products produced by KAR KUNZ Aviation Refueling comprises a variety of devices for a variety of applications. These include mobile test rigs, mobile sampling equipment, tank containers with NATO certification, fuel gauging leakage trolleys, mobile ladders and other special solutions.

Fuel gauging leakage trolleys

The Fuel gauging leakage trolley is a compact trailer, equipped with highly-sensitive electronic devices for performing necessary fuel function tests, without which no aircraft may be put into service.

These tests include e.g. the correct functioning of the aircraft tank filling level display regarding its mass, determining refuelling and overfill rates, monitoring the pressures in the aircraft tanks as well as checking various system functions during defueling.

Pit Cleaner

Pit Cleaner is essential for the cleaning and maintenance of an airport hydrant system. This vehicle allows flushing all pipe lines of a hydrant system and inspections of the low points.
The Pit Cleaner usually features with a bowser to load fuel from the hydrant pit for intermediate storage, at the same time sampling the fuel by means of the onboard sampling system. Cleaning may be performed with the high pressure gear for water or air and a suction unit including slop tank for taking in contaminated fluids to avoid pollution.


The Tank container is a storage tank for jet fuel and can also be used as reserve tank for other tank containers.
The extremely robust design permits stacking up to five full containers on top of each other. They can be put to use in almost any climate and in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +50°C. Needless to say, the container (with Nato certification) is also suitable for safely transporting dangerous goods by road, sea and rail. Feature for refuelling and sampling:

  • Pressure refuelling with reel hose
  • Fuel circulation with reel hose
  • Dispensing fuel whilst simultaneusly loading fuel via the filling device
  • Onboard sampling system equipment for fuel quality control

Piggy (Product test device)

This special device serves as a kind of„intermediate storage tank“, e.g. for maintenance purposes (such as exchanging hosees), overfilling or when needing to catch residual amounts of fuel.
The name „piggy“ refers to its ability to catch any kind of fluid. Depending on the (individually fitted) equipment the content may be sampled, de-watered an in the case of fuel of tested sufficient quality returned into a fuelling system. Due to its size, „Piggy“ is mobile and agile and an expedient little helper.

Mobile Ladders

Mobile ladders are handy an das versatile as you need them to. Designed and equipped to fullfill specific purposes they are essential tools on the airfield
For example, mobile ladders fitted with fuelling hoses are needed where safety regulations or other circumstances prevent direct access to the aircraft with the refueller.

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