Aircraft Refuellers

Aircraft refuellers by KAR KUNZ Aviation Refueling are tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Many factors need to be considered in the design of an airfield refueller to achieve best refuelling results in any weather and in any climate.

In close cooperation with the customer, our engineers develop the perfect vehicle to meet predetermined needs and comply with specific wishes. We regard each project as a partnership: in maintain a frequent dialogue, on-site or long distance, to only get close to achieving our goal, but to realize it to the smallest detail to everybody’s satisfaction.

KAR KUNZ Quality

A standard defined by premium quality, sophisticated safety measures and efficient handling under the pressures of short turn times – simply essential for smooth operation.

Flexible types of vehicle

The challenge of driving underneath any kind of aircraft, KAR KUNZ Aviation Refueling met by developing our so-called “low-silhouette” series. This allows the refuelling of “wide-body” airliners with the same vigor and drive as any other aircraft.

Long-term long-run.

The robust design, the easy operability keeping physical strain to the minimum along with a class performance by the airfield refueller, keep costs low and allow an economical use over long periods of time.

Tank capacity

Tank capacities of 4.000 to 80.000 l with flow rates of up to 4.000 l/min. may be realized.

KAR KUNZ Airfield refuellers

  • Tank capacities of 4.000 to 80.000 l
  • Flow rates up to 4.000 l/min.
  • Ultimate maneuverability
  • Economically designed pump cabinet and the raisable working platform for effective operation
  • Short delivery times due to standard truck chassis
  • High efficiency by ideal axle load utilization
  • Proven standard: catalogue of cross and longitudinal tank sections possible and combinable
  • Multi wedge tank design with box-shape cross section for max. volume utilization
  • Ergonomical deck hose handling by tested pantograph technology
  • PLC system for controlling and monitoring the refueling operation
  • Optional: „Low-silhouette“ -series

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Each vehicle is individually tailored to its purchaser and its area of operation.
Approach us with your request and requirements so we can present you with a made-to- measure solution.

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